Music Department

Mission of the St. Peter Music Department
As Lutheran Christians and musicians, we seek to do the following things:
*  to praise our God to the best of our ability
*  to enhance the congregation’s understanding of the message of the week, to enrich their worship experience, and to help them learn more about their God and draw closer to Him and thus increase their joy in Him
*  to support the minister in His mission
*  to build each other up as a team/family and to encourage creativity in each other
* to develop young talent and provide them a safe place in which to share their talents with the church family and with their God

To accomplish these things, we select praise songs that are scripturally sound and faithful to our beliefs for the early service.  We find these songs in a variety of places, including CCLI, our church’s copyright company. Sometimes congregational members will bring a song to our attention.  Often we will incorporate an updated version of a traditional hymn. For the traditional service, we use hymns from Lutheran WorshipAll God’s People Sing, and occasionally Hymns You Like to Sing.  Music for both services is selected based on the readings for the day, whether lectionary or a series selected by the minister, as well as the sermon focus.   The Praise Team leads services all year.  For festival seasons, we have a choir that sings at traditional services.